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"$1,000-$1,200 a Week"

You're nothing short of a genius. I was just telling my girl that as I watched this video the first time (currently watching again). I do $1000$-$1200 a week in 38-41 hours (online) - Curtis

"Great Info"

This is really great info! You have a great mind sir! - India

"$220 In 3 Days"

I made $220 in three days. Just testing it out. 35 trips is that pretty good? - Nitty

"$800 A Week"

Calvin! Ma MAN! I agree with everything you just said and thank you for this lead. I was making 800 dollars a week with Uber only. Wait till I put this to practice. God bless you! - Leonardo

"awesome mind"

love it you have an awesome mind - Ronald M

Smart Information!

The Simple Driver is super smart. - Eliana

"Amazing Content"

Brother, this is some amazing content! - Torian

"Message Is Loud and Clear"

Calvin want to thank you for this video. it fell right in a good moment in my online entrepreneurial journey. since it takes time to build sites and content i needed a side hustle and thought of uber. I appreciate all your videos and your message is loud and clear. thanks for the inspiration. - David L.

"I Love This Video"

I love this video, I had a few of the same ideas. You definitely got my wheels turning. I'm ready to make that money. - Dale

"This Is GOLD"

This video is like gold. Droppin’ knowledge - Chef Frank

"Invaluable Video"

You da man sir! Thank you for your invaluable video and the service of business education and financial literacy. You provide to so many people, now including myself. - GamePR

"So Many Ways To Get It"

You are giving all the business and I HOPE they are listening. so many ways to get it. - Ericka

"Your Information Is Priceless"

Com on people, money on the table! Outstanding video, keep Em coming. Much appreciated, your information is priceless to anyone serious about making a serious investment in ones future. I like the fact you explain everything, make it easy to understand. - BigRick

"Great Information"

Calvin! I just told my homegirl to check you out. You have so much excitement and great information. I think you could be teaching the masses how to get paid doing other things too. Thank you. I am always inspired to think big and work smarter when I watch your videos. - Carmela

"Makes All The Sense"

Great content! I'm going to share this in some other groups, makes all the sense in the world. - Solar

"Your Information Is Priceless"

Good stuff bro! You must have read Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" where he talks about generating multiple streams of income. These are brilliant ideas! - Rideshare Brother ATL

"Gave Me Confidence"

Calvin, you are a maestro! Your tips not only gave me the confidence to get started, but broke down the numbers to help me get my hustle on! Thank you!!! - Douglas


Brilliant brother! You are in the headquarter city of the next digital disruption. - Careem


Amazing!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this! 🙏🏻 - Mizz Amy

just WOW!!

The principles laid out in this video...just wow..#goldmine - Nicholas
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